Thursday, April 10, 2014

Common Stereotypes of U.S. Americans


Now that we are counting down the days until we leave, I am getting more and more excited to board our plane and take off! I am sure must everyone feels the same way but I am nervous and think about so many different things about the trip. Things such as what do I need to take, what is the weather going to be like, how are the people in London going to treat me, etc. I think I am most concerned about is how am I going to interact with people in England and how they are going to treat me. That is why I decided to blog about stereotypes in regards to global issues. I found a website that shared the top five stereotypes of Americans when traveling abroad. They include the following: They're fat, rude, have a sense of superiority, stupid and they are suckers. I really don’t like the fact that most people in London are going to have these thoughts about us. I am especially worried about us being "suckers." Hopefully I can learn the currency and get familiar with the money so I can avoid being a "sucker" if it would happen to me. After talking with Constable Richard Watson on Tuesday, I found it helpful that he supplied us with the safety precaution pamphlet. I think it's important to follow these guidelines so none of us fall victim to any crimes because we’re are "stupid" and "suckers."

It's apparent once we arrive, we will stick out like a sore thumb that we are tourists. Hopefully not everyone in London believes the stereotypes of Americans and they do not treat us rudely or make us targets. I just want to have a wonderful journey that I will never forget and have an enjoyable time. If we meet people on our trip abroad, maybe we can show them that not all Americans are fat, rude, stupid, suckers and we do not have a sense of superiority.


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