Friday, May 23, 2014

Anit-American Sentiment

After being in London for almost the full two weeks now, I have definitely expanded my worldview. Besides the different ways of living, I have noticed an Anti-American sentiment. Throughout our tours and events for the scheduled days, many of the people have been cracking jokes about America. Although it is in a fun and laughing matter, the idea of it is present. Because our tour guides are very nice people I do not take their jokes and statements seriously. It is much like the Chevy v. Ford concept in the US. Here, it is the UK v. the US. In much more serious terms, I have had some experiences here that have lead me to believe this is true. I have watched people on the underground and their expressions they have on us. Their facial expressions, body language and when they whisper to each other give it away. The night of the Pub Crawl we met a guy that was from London. I think he did not have the best attitude of Americans just because of a couple comments he made to us. On the streets and underground people have ran into me and they just seem rude about it. I’m not sure if it’s just the lifestyle here or if it’s because I am American. It was the same way in Paris too. 

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