Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Comparing the Justice Systems

One of the main topics when comparing the justice systems of the United States and the United Kingdom is firearms. As most of us know, policing is much different in the United Kingdom because the officers do not carry firearms. Sometimes they do but that is only for special circumstances. Normally, “bobbies” are armed with just speed cuffs, a baton, and incapacitant sprays such as PAVA or CS sprays. It’s weird to think that police officers do not carry a firearm. Here in the US, we have become accustomed to the high crime rates, TV shows and movies that portray officers as crime fighting figures that use firearms for personal defense and as a tactic to stop crime. I talked earlier with Dr. Nobiling and she told me a little information about something we get to do when we meet with Constable Watson. He is going to teach us defense tactics they use and hands on tactics they use when dealing with criminals. She told me that it is very interesting and it’s much different than what we use in the US. I am so excited for when we get to do this! I am very eager to learn what they do and what their line of defense is compared to methods used in the US.

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