Friday, May 30, 2014

Global Citizenship: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Before we left on the study abroad trip, I always wondered what it was actually going to be like in London. How were the people going to act and treat us, what the food was going to be like, worried about being a target as an American tourist, the money system, etc. It was only a short while after we arrived that I noticed how the Londoners acted, how the Underground worked and how to use it, and it did take me a little longer to learn the pound system and distinguish between all the different coins. I found myself doing everything I could to fit in with the culture so I was not a stand out. The lifestyle in London was much different from western Nebraska. Just when it seemed that I was acting locally in London and learning the customs, we arrived back in the states. I believe I can think globally now with the experience this trip has provided me. After returning home, I find myself settling down and relaxing from the fast paced lifestyle of the UK. I often figure the seven hour time difference and compare what I am doing at a given time in the states to what I would have been doing in London at the same time. I think about the trip all the time! This reminds me of how different the world is and how cultures vary from region to region. Although I highly enjoyed the time abroad, I can say it is nice to be home in the states and can regroup and once again get back in the swing of things and lifestyle I am use to.  Just as in my latest post about global competence, this experience has expanded my role as a global citizen and I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity to study abroad.     

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