Saturday, May 24, 2014

Global Consequences of Local Behaviors

There are several things that I have notice that could be classified as global consequences of local behaviors. One of the first things I noticed immediately was the number of people that smoke here. It doesn’t matter where you walk on the streets, it always smells like cigarette smoke. Another global issue is pollution. It is very dirty here and I think the underground train system is the worse. The black soot is really bad. After being here for a short period of time, every one of us would blow our noses and the Kleenex would be black. It is disgusting! The rails and the entire platform that the trains run on are completely black too. The soot is everywhere… The last thing I wanted to mention is the fact that four of us have gotten sick just in the two weeks we have been here. I think it is mostly to do with the underground as well. Constable Watson guessed that about 14 million people use the underground a day. Just think of everyone touching the hand railings on the trains and the and on the escalators. I think that our immune systems are not use to all of the people over here.
Even though I have caught a cold and have been feeling a bit under the weather, I have had a great time. Tomorrow we are leaving the hotel right around noon and heading to the airport. I am so glad that Chadron state College offers this to the students. I have had so much fun and have learned a lot from this trip. It has really expanded my knowledge about England’s history.       
Here is a picture of the Undergroung before the train has arrived. And it was taken late at night because usually it is packed with people.

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  1. I find myself telling people how amazing the trip was but I also mention about how polluted it is there! I did end up getting sick the day we got back and blame it on the pollution (even though I am not sure on the cause of my sickness). Can you imagine how much more polluted the air would be if they did not have their congestion tax?! I spend two days recovering from London's fast pace lifestyle and the plane ride. I felt as if we started to fit shortly after we arrived but I don't think we fit in as much as we think. lol (: I am glad you expanded you knowledge of England and its history as much as I did!