Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 7

On Sunday, we woke up fairly early and went to Stonehenge. I did not know very much about Stonehenge prior to the trip, so I was amazed when our tour guide, Sarah, shared the history about the stones with us. Although nobody knows exactly who put the stones there or why, there are several theories behind the history. Some believe it was built as religious healing temple, a cemetery for the royal family of that time and others honestly believe that it was done by aliens. The stones were put into place between four and five thousand years ago. There were two types of stones that were used. The small stones, called blue stones, came from Wales which is 150 miles from Stonehenge. Each of the blue stones weighs about 5 tons each. The large stones are called sarsons and some of the bigger sarsons weigh about 40 stones. It’s believed that it would have taken 200 or more men to move these stones. This is just a small portion of the history in a nutshell, as there is much more about it.  It’s awesome to learn all of this history and we are actually here to see it and stand right next to it.
We then left Stonehenge and traveled to Bath. Here, we toured a portion of the city and visited the Roman Baths. Bath is known as the Golden City and it sits in a valley surrounded by huge hills. The best part of the Roman Baths was when we got to drink the authentic water at the end of the tour. The water comes deep for the earth and rises to the surface. It was used to fill the Kings bath with warm water, as the water is at a constant 46 degrees Celsius which is fairly warm. The History of the Roman Baths dates back as far as 2,000 years ago and took about 300 years to build. It was very cool to see the foundation and how they build the trenches and such for the water to flow in. Here are some pictures of the famous landmarks.   

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