Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 2

Today was only the second day of our trip and I am already so amazed! Today was an awesome day. In the morning we headed to the Metropolitan Police Station and met with Constable Watson. He showed us the equipment the officers over here use and we got a tour of the holding facility, or custody area. I am very excited for this next Thursday for we will head back and actually do hands-on learning of tactics they use when handling suspects. We also get to use the equipment and “play around” with it all.

This afternoon Dr. Nobiling, Mary, Jessica, Michaela, and I went to the London Eye. I cannot even describe it in words and the pictures I took do not do it justice. It was absolutely astonishing. The clock tower that holds Big Ben was only a small distance away so we got to see both of the famous landmarks! I am trying to upload my picture but it is not working... So I am going to try it again tomorrow and hopefully it will work.

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