Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 10 and 11

On Wednesday, which was day ten, we left the hotel at 430am and went to Paris for the day. The morning was pretty rough on us for it was cold and it was raining. Michaela, Jessica and I were the only one who brought umbrellas. Even with the umbrella I froze all morning so I can’t imagine how the others felt. But right when we eat lunch it quite raining and the sun came out. This really saved the day for us. In my opinion, my favorite part was the Eiffel Tower. It was absolutely huge!! I had no idea it was that big. We headed back to London at the end of the day and we arrived back at the Hotel around 10pm.
On Thursday, we got a really big surprise. After meeting at New Scotland Yard, Constable Watson and Constable Cole took us to watch the changing of the guards. There we already hundreds if not thousands of people there. We all were thinking we were going to watch it through the gates just like everyone else, but Constable Watson had it arranged for us to enter through the gates and watch it up close and personal! For those of you wonder why this is such a big deal, this event takes place at Buckingham Palace which is where the Queen lives. I felt so honored because people were taking our pictures and Constable Watson said nobody else gets to stand within the gates. It was such a great experience! After this we took a quick walk and got to visit Downing street and take pictures at the famous door number 10! We then met with the University of Omaha Lincoln group in the afternoon back at New Scotland Yard. Here we watched a presentation about policing in London and we ended with a UK and US policing comparison which was very funny. Because Constable Watson has such a great personality and character, most everything were jokes about the different policing systems. It was an absolute blast and I highly enjoyed it.      

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